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260 S. Lucerne Blvd. – Hancock Park

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4 Bedrooms  |  3 Bathrooms  |  4,012 Sq. Ft.  |  $2,050,000

Windsor Square Mediterranean!

Sometime between 1900 and 1910 a gentleman named George A.G. Howard dreamed a dream. He envisioned a beautiful tranquil park as a setting for family homes such as one sees in the English countryside. His dream was so engrossing that he talked often with the early city fathers and pushed to make his dream come true. In 1911 the “Windsor Square Investment Company” headed by Mr. Robert A. Rowan initiated a unique residential development and called it Windsor Square. By 1913 Windsor Square had begun its development, however World War 1 intervened. Official lot sales were postponed and did not begin until 1920. As the neighborhood started to form, the residents banded together in 1925 and created the Windsor Square Homeowners Association which still exists today.

Built in 1928, as the building boom of the golden era of Los Angeles was underway, “Giardini del Parco”  stands out as a treasure amongst the towering tree-lined streets and manicured lawns of the classic and historic ‘Windsor Square’ neighborhood.  This Mediterranean Villa is graced with a private gated entry, and features a beautiful garden courtyard. Lush and mature foliage adorns the landscape with olive trees that whisper in the breeze. Tiny pebbles lead you to a stunning stone archway, up to a door of golden wood.



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